Jun 18, 2014

Life Changing

I suffer from a rare genetic condition that causes pain and frequent dislocations of my joints. It can also cause surgical complications, which unfortunately I only learned about after having surgery on my shoulder which nearly killed kill me after a massive amount of bleeding. Before I met Dr. Stom I had seen a variety of doctors who knew little about my disease and only recommended two ways to treat it—surgery (which was no longer an option) and pain medication. Unfortunately, the pain medication only worked if I took it only occasionally to avoid suffering from unwanted side effects or tolerance. That left me with no options to control my day to day pain, making work nearly impossible. I also constantly felt fatigued and had difficulty enjoying life. To make matters worse, I had a small child and I could not lift her without incredible pain.

When I first visited Dr. Strom, he spent an incredible amount of time going over my issues—and I could tell that he had done extensive research about my condition in advance. He asked thoughtful questions—about my lifestyle, diet, medications and everyday challenges. He also understood that my current medication was also the source of many of my issues, because pain medication can negatively impact hormone levels, which in turn makes pain and fatigue worse. I work in the medical research field and I had never heard that before. This explained my constant exhaustion!

After spending about an hour and a half with me, Dr. Strom came up with a plan that included a variety of things I had never heard from a doctor—dietary changes, hormonal supplementation, stress management and more. But because Dr. Stom understood that there is a delicate balance between natural healing and medicine, he also prescribed a new patch that would provide a small amount of pain medication 24/7. After about the first 60 days, we retested my levels and found that my hormones are better. Most importantly,  I was able to manage my pain through the combination of lifestyle changes, hormones, diet and medication. 

Today, my life is completely different than it was 2 years ago. I can work at the computer again, I can lift my daughter, and I have the energy to enjoy time with my family. It is such a relief to finally have a doctor who treats me as a “whole person” and not just the sum of my symptoms. Dr. Strom is truly amazing!

-Laura R

May 9, 2012


Simply, Dr. Strom is positively the best doctor I have ever seen and I feel utterly blessed and lucky to have found him.

Over ten (10) years ago I suffered a serious pelvic/back injury requiring multiple surgeries and lengthy hospitalizations.  Years later, after the birth of my son, my pain began escalating forcing me to take narcotic pain medication routinely.  I began searching: I simply wanted to know the cause of the increase in pain so I could better manage it. 

Over three (3) years, I saw doctor after doctor.  I had numerous x-rays and scans.  I visited leading chronic pain clinics.  I consulted with top orthopedic surgeons.  I traveled to numerous states.  Each time, I heard the pain was “normal” and that I should be “grateful to simply be walking.”  Every doctor dismissed me with “here are more pain meds.”  Not Dr. Strom.

Dr. Strom’s philosophy is utterly unique from most doctors.  Dr. Strom treats not only the symptoms but also the cause.  Like all other doctors, Dr. Strom will make you better; however, Dr. Strom also will teach you what caused the symptoms.  Dr. Strom is a teacher empowering each patient with the knowledge to drive their own health and make their lives better.   

Dr. Strom is the first doctor who truly practices integrative medicine. Dr. Strom is not limited to one narrow area of practice and in discussing my health and wellness goals discussed options ranging from traditional to homeopathic; from prescription medicines to vitamins; from exercises to meditation.  Contrary to my other experiences, Dr. Strom did not dismiss me and my pain; he was committed to uncovering the answers and making my life better. 

I live out of state and prioritize my time, life and resources to be under his care.  He is not only happy to see my “walking” but is firmly committed to providing all the medical support he can to provide me the best quality of life possible, as I define it.  He is my partner in my health and wellness and I feel truly am lucky to have him by my side.

Susan K. 

May 3, 2011


I skipped out of Dr. Mark Strom’s the last day of April and felt I had been truly blessed. I finally had my life back.  I recalled the first day I walked into his office, four months before…

For years I lived with acute biceps tendonitis in my shoulder that months of therapy did not heal.  I couldn’t lift my arm but a few inches. I would wake at night with throbbing pain so bad I couldn’t sleep.  I resorted to popping Excedrin and Ibuprofen daily. Putting lotion on my back and doing my hair was grueling.

Around Christmas, a “Baker’s Cyst” formed in my right knee which became so inflamed I walked with an agonizing limp. Surgery was not an option, but I considered it only as a last resort.

I didn’t know that Prolotherapy existed until my Chiropractor recommended the treatment he used for his own chronic pain. Today, after six treatments, I am 90% better thanks to Dr. Strom and Prolotherapy. I am compelled to sing his praises to everyone I know who is suffering with muscle or back pain.  If you are at your wits end and don’t know where to turn, don’t wait, Prolotherapy will truly change your life!

Mary Weil
World traveler....

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Pain Management

I have wrestled with neck and back pain as well as frequent migraines for over 12 years. Dr. Strom has been the only medical provider who has been able to provide long lasting relief.  He took the time needed to listen to my medical needs, consider traditional and natural medicine methods and carefully determine beneficial treatments. I live in Chandler, and gladly drive to Dr. Strom's office because I know the treatment is worth it. Thank you Dr. Strom for your dedication to treating your patients!
Erica Roberts, Gilbert, AZ

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GONE!!!  Twenty-five years (that's right..25 years) of chronic pain gone.  This therapy is the miracle I have been praying for all these years.   It has changed my life and I don't have to "live with" pain anymore.  What a simple solution to chronic pain.  You owe it to yourself to investigate this option.

Divina W., Phoenix, AZ

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Hello Dr. Strom

Hope all is well. I wanted to take a minute to send you a message of how well I am feeling. My back pain is virtually gone and I am feeling 100 percent better. I can honestly say that I have not felt this good in over five years. The treatments that you provided were life changing and I am so impressed with your service after just two treatments. I just wanted to say thank you. I will recommend you to anyone that I know who is having any sort of back pain. Your knowledge and professionalism is very much appreciated.

Thank you again,
Matt G., Scottsdale, AZ

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