Jun 18, 2014

Life Changing

I suffer from a rare genetic condition that causes pain and frequent dislocations of my joints. It can also cause surgical complications, which unfortunately I only learned about after having surgery on my shoulder which nearly killed kill me after a massive amount of bleeding. Before I met Dr. Stom I had seen a variety of doctors who knew little about my disease and only recommended two ways to treat it—surgery (which was no longer an option) and pain medication. Unfortunately, the pain medication only worked if I took it only occasionally to avoid suffering from unwanted side effects or tolerance. That left me with no options to control my day to day pain, making work nearly impossible. I also constantly felt fatigued and had difficulty enjoying life. To make matters worse, I had a small child and I could not lift her without incredible pain.

When I first visited Dr. Strom, he spent an incredible amount of time going over my issues—and I could tell that he had done extensive research about my condition in advance. He asked thoughtful questions—about my lifestyle, diet, medications and everyday challenges. He also understood that my current medication was also the source of many of my issues, because pain medication can negatively impact hormone levels, which in turn makes pain and fatigue worse. I work in the medical research field and I had never heard that before. This explained my constant exhaustion!

After spending about an hour and a half with me, Dr. Strom came up with a plan that included a variety of things I had never heard from a doctor—dietary changes, hormonal supplementation, stress management and more. But because Dr. Stom understood that there is a delicate balance between natural healing and medicine, he also prescribed a new patch that would provide a small amount of pain medication 24/7. After about the first 60 days, we retested my levels and found that my hormones are better. Most importantly,  I was able to manage my pain through the combination of lifestyle changes, hormones, diet and medication. 

Today, my life is completely different than it was 2 years ago. I can work at the computer again, I can lift my daughter, and I have the energy to enjoy time with my family. It is such a relief to finally have a doctor who treats me as a “whole person” and not just the sum of my symptoms. Dr. Strom is truly amazing!

-Laura R