May 9, 2012


Simply, Dr. Strom is positively the best doctor I have ever seen and I feel utterly blessed and lucky to have found him.

Over ten (10) years ago I suffered a serious pelvic/back injury requiring multiple surgeries and lengthy hospitalizations.  Years later, after the birth of my son, my pain began escalating forcing me to take narcotic pain medication routinely.  I began searching: I simply wanted to know the cause of the increase in pain so I could better manage it. 

Over three (3) years, I saw doctor after doctor.  I had numerous x-rays and scans.  I visited leading chronic pain clinics.  I consulted with top orthopedic surgeons.  I traveled to numerous states.  Each time, I heard the pain was “normal” and that I should be “grateful to simply be walking.”  Every doctor dismissed me with “here are more pain meds.”  Not Dr. Strom.

Dr. Strom’s philosophy is utterly unique from most doctors.  Dr. Strom treats not only the symptoms but also the cause.  Like all other doctors, Dr. Strom will make you better; however, Dr. Strom also will teach you what caused the symptoms.  Dr. Strom is a teacher empowering each patient with the knowledge to drive their own health and make their lives better.   

Dr. Strom is the first doctor who truly practices integrative medicine. Dr. Strom is not limited to one narrow area of practice and in discussing my health and wellness goals discussed options ranging from traditional to homeopathic; from prescription medicines to vitamins; from exercises to meditation.  Contrary to my other experiences, Dr. Strom did not dismiss me and my pain; he was committed to uncovering the answers and making my life better. 

I live out of state and prioritize my time, life and resources to be under his care.  He is not only happy to see my “walking” but is firmly committed to providing all the medical support he can to provide me the best quality of life possible, as I define it.  He is my partner in my health and wellness and I feel truly am lucky to have him by my side.

Susan K.