May 3, 2011


I skipped out of Dr. Mark Strom’s the last day of April and felt I had been truly blessed. I finally had my life back.  I recalled the first day I walked into his office, four months before…

For years I lived with acute biceps tendonitis in my shoulder that months of therapy did not heal.  I couldn’t lift my arm but a few inches. I would wake at night with throbbing pain so bad I couldn’t sleep.  I resorted to popping Excedrin and Ibuprofen daily. Putting lotion on my back and doing my hair was grueling.

Around Christmas, a “Baker’s Cyst” formed in my right knee which became so inflamed I walked with an agonizing limp. Surgery was not an option, but I considered it only as a last resort.

I didn’t know that Prolotherapy existed until my Chiropractor recommended the treatment he used for his own chronic pain. Today, after six treatments, I am 90% better thanks to Dr. Strom and Prolotherapy. I am compelled to sing his praises to everyone I know who is suffering with muscle or back pain.  If you are at your wits end and don’t know where to turn, don’t wait, Prolotherapy will truly change your life!

Mary Weil
World traveler....

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