Age Management

What is Age Management Medicine?

Age Management Medicine is a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare for an aging population focused on preservation of optimum human function and quality of life making every effort to modulate the process of aging prior to the onset of degenerative aging.  The basic tenets of Age Management Medicine are patient evaluation through extensive medical history, lifestyle assessment, physical examination and laboratory evaluation to establish personalized proactive treatment plans consisting of proper diet, exercise, stress management and appropriate medical interventions.  (source:  Age Management Medical Group)

Dr. Strom’s Post-Graduate Training in Age Management Medicine

Dr. Strom has made it his mission to stay up-to-date with scientific research and clinical treatment protocols in the field of Age Management Medicine.

Dr. Strom is a Professional Member of The Age Management Medical Group and attends their accredited medical conventions.  The AMMG requires the “Certification in Essential Knowledge in Age Management Medicine”, which is accredited through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).